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Our positioning

Unique and sceptical, precocious and contemporary. All founded on a lot of international experience. Both as an agency and on the client side. Those who dare to doubt ask the most stimulating questions. And they often generate surprising answers. Many of our clients operate in a complex, rapidly changing world. Where it is an illusion to believe that you can understand everything...

At Brandmeesters, we think in terms of results. We try to break with established conventions. Making room for a distinctive approach is making room for growth. Everything revolves around a creatively unique commercial proposition. One which is surprising yet credible, whilst suiting your brand and your business. With a creativity potency that builds visibility and triggers action.

Brandmeesters has offices in Maastricht and… Berlin. Why? We would love to tell you some time. It is an unusual story, but once you hear it you will find it makes total sense.